Drop Testing

Drop Testing is a service we offer, We take the customers product with our packaging and do a 1a 2a 3a 4a or a variety of other drop tests depending on your needs. We get a performance review of how the packaging would hold up under certain conditions. It is dropped on all four corners and it is put under duress. It is a good indicator of what kind of stress it will be put under from the time it leaves the manufacturer until it gets to the end user. We are also able to offer the customer hard data in a form of a report analysis or a flash drive.

Drop tests are usually for high end users in the technology or aerospace field, regarding internal components that are electronics that could be damaged in a hard drop, or even different weather conditions. Anyone can get a drop test however. Prices vary.

  • ISTA 1A-

    Includes repetitive impact test plus 10-drop sequence from fixed drop height.

    For a single packaged-product for a single package design.

  • ISTA 2A-

    Includes minimum 72 hours atmospheric conditioning, then compression, impact and multiple repetitive impact or random vibration tests.

  • ISTA 3A-

    Parcel shipment test procedure for multiple drop sequences, multiple drop heights along with random vibration tests with and without top loads.